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Karran acrylic and stainless steel sinks for kitchen and bathroom

No longer do you have to have a rim protruding about your countertop. Karran sinks offer a variety of designs to give your kitchen a unique look. 

Seamless integration with undermount sinks is the most hygienic, visually appealing, and practice way to install a sink.

Karran Sinks

Acrylic sink

  • High density acrylic solid surface

  • Will not stain

  • Satin finish allows the use of all types of cleaners 

  • Heat resistant up to 365 degrees

  • Resurfaceable and repairable

  • 2 color options

Quartz sink

  • Extremely scratch & chip resistant

  • Will not fade

  • Will not stain

  • Heat resistant over 530 degrees

  • 6 color options

Stainless Steel sink

  • Durable 16 or 18 gauge steel options

  • Undermount and topmount designs

  • Patented resin matrix rim

  • European soft sain brushed finish

Vitreous China

  • Durable double glazing

  • Low maintenance

  • Will not fade

  • Will stain or discolor

  • 7 models

  • 3 color options

  • looks great with grainte or quartz bathroom countertops

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